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Dr. S.S. Khatri Hospital is a center for Advanced Trauma or fracture care and it consists of the most advanced technology. This helps to provide the best treatment to orthopedically injured patients. Our goal is to make you healthy in much less time so it will reduce hospital stay.

Visit Dr. S.S. Khatri Hospital, one-stop destination for joint replacement, spine care and advanced orthopedic surgeries.

Dr. S.S. Khatri Hospital Orthopedic Hospital works hard to fulfill the requirement of mankind related to health struggles with the knowledge and efforts of qualified doctors.

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To be one of the leading orthopedic health service providers our mission is to continue the goal of generating world-class orthopedic treatment methodologies for the patient community. Our mission is to provide healthcare facilities to needy people without considering their gender, caste, religion or wealth.

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Our Mission

Dr. S.S. Khatri Hospital has made its name in Jaipur, Rajasthan by providing tremendous facilities & exceptions to healthcare services. Our Vision is clear we wanted to become one of the most trusted hospitals in India by providing personalized care for a satisfying patient experience. Dr. S.S. Khatri, a future of affordable healthcare facilities.

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Effective Robotic Joint Replacement Solutions Under One Roof

Combine the convenience and expertise. Our specialization includes a complete solution for joint replacement. Whether you are looking for the best knee replacement, hip replacement or shoulder replacement, Dr. S.S. Khatri can offer seamless transitions for all your needs.


Knee Replacement

We believe in innovation. Dr. S.S. Khatri handles knee replacement surgery with the help of robotic technology. With this acceptance, the precision level is increased, and the recovery time is decreased. You can live a pain-free life with our accurate knee replacement surgery.


Hip Replacement

We help you to regain your confidence by providing a comfortable hip replacement solution. Dr. S.S. Khatri has vast experience in hip replacement surgery, and he aims to alleviate discomfort, improve your health, and provide long-lasting relief from pain.


Shoulder Replacement

Do you want to get your shoulder functionality as it was earlier? Dr. S.S. Khatri’s dedicated approach to shoulder replacement helps to restore strength, flexibility, and stability. With our accurate solution, you can do your daily activity easily and without any pain.

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    There are plenty of joints available in the body. When two bones meet, it is called a joint. One of the joints is known as a hinge joint, through which we can bend and straighten. The other joint is known as the ball-and-socket joint, where the rounded end of one bone fits into another bone. If you are suffering from any joint issues, contact Dr S S Khatri to get a clear idea of whether you require joining replacement surgery or not.

    Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are some of the most common joint problems. Sometimes, the cause of arthritis remains unclear, so in such cases, the following things may cause the joints:

    • Hereditary
    • Minor repetitive injuries
    • Severe trauma to the cartilage
    • Problems with the joint or cartilage

    There are plenty of other things that can also cause joint or bone pain, such as infection, cancer, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and certain infectious diseases.

    Joint replacement surgery is not mandatory for all people who are suffering from Joint pain. Some of the joint pains are possible to treat with medication, physical therapy and changes to your everyday routine. In case these non-surgical solutions are not working, we recommend people take a consultation with Dr S S Khatri to get a clear view. He can guide you about the complete procedure of joint replacement surgery and also whether you require it or not.

    After the complete check up and reports, our skilled team will discuss with you the schedule. You can be admitted to the hospital one day prior to the surgery. We also provide robotic joint replacement surgery solutions, where you can get back to your home on the same day of the surgery.

    If you are not suffering from any high level of diseases, then there is no issue with doing the surgery at the age of 75 or 80 as well. With knee replacement or joint replacement surgery, you can perform your daily tasks easily without any pain. .